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Weak Maps

WeakMaps help developers avoid memory leaks by holding references to their properties weakly, meaning that if a WeakMap is the only object with a reference to another object, the GC may collect the referenced object. This behavior differs from all variable references in ES5.

A key property of Weak Maps is the inability to enumerate their keys. This is necessary to prevent attackers observing the internal behavior of other systems in the environment which share weakly-mapped objects. Should the number or names of items in the collection be discoverable from the API, even if the values aren't, WeakMap instances might create a side channel where one was previously not available.

WeakMap instances have the same set and get signature as Maps with one extra restriction: keys must be Objects:

let m = new WeakMap();
m.set('something', 'something'.length);  // Exception!
// TypeError: Invalid value used as weak map key
m.has('something');                      // Exception!
// TypeError: Invalid value used as weak map key

let wmk = {};
m.set(wmk, 'thinger');  // wmk → 'thinger'
m.get(wmk);             // 'thinger'
m.has(wmk);             // true
m.delete(wmk);          // true
m.has(wmk);             // false