Template Strings

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Allows string literals with embedded expressions in them. This is often referred to as string interpolation. The ES Harmony name for this has histoprically been Quasi Litarals.

Details: full proposal

A template string uses back ticks instead of double quotes or single quotes. The template string can contain place holders, which use the ${ } syntax. The value of the expressions in the place holders as well as the text between them gets passed to a function. This function is determined on the expression before the template string. If there is no expression before the template string the default template string is used.

Default template string

Example: By default the template string just concatenates its part into a single string.

var x = 1;
var y = 2;
`${ x } + ${ y } = ${ x + y}`  // "1 + 2 = 3"

Multiline strings

Example: Template strings can be used for mutliline strings:

var s = `a
assert(s === 'a\n    b\n    c');

All characters are significant so leading whitespaces on a new row are not ignored.

Tagged template strings

Example: If a template string is preceded by an expression it is considered a tagged template string. The expression before the template string is called with the parsed template string.

function tag(strings, ...values) {
  assert(strings[0] === 'a');
  assert(strings[1] === 'b');
  assert(values[0] === 0);
  return 'whatever';
tag `a${ 42 }b`  // "whatever"

Raw strings

The template string allows access to the string parts as they were entered. For example, if a string part contains \n then that represents two characters; \ and n instead of a single newline character.

To get access to the raw strings the template string tag function reads the raw property of the first argument.

function r(strings, ...values) {
  assert(strings.raw[0] === '\\n');

r `\n`

ES6 provides a new function called String.raw which works like the default string template function except that it concatenates the raw strings.

String.raw `a\n${ 42 }b`  // "a\\n42b"